Tuesday, January 18, 2005


so, its been really cold. if you looked at the crystal blue skies, devoid of clouds, and failed to notice the low arc of the sun, you might almost think it was over 10 degrees F. But, alas, i think the high today was 9. But, that's ok. We got our boiler cleaned and serviced probably for the first time ever (including when the previous owners who built the house lived here) and we're holding steady inside at 67 degrees. If i haven't already mentioned that Portland Jetport is only 90 minutes away, let this be a reminder to you all.

I've had blogs brimming all week but couldn't remember my damn password to access my account. Until it turned out that I really couldn't remember my username. i finally broke in yesterday, with nary a minute to actually write. But no worries. It's all still up there, though perhaps a tad stale, I'll see what I can do to rekindle the creative flame.

In keeping with the Brrrr.... theme (written Tuesday, 1/18):
On Sunday we took a family walk down to the lake. We've seen the yahoos and their ice fishing huts out there in the middle for weeks, so we'll assume the ice is safe, though you still won't catch me walking out there in the middle. I'll circumnavigate Lake Chickie within 50 feet of the edge, where I know if I break through its only thigh deep.

The sky was right out of Gotham City and the snow crusted ice not much different. Walking west into the wind was not particularly inviting, although watching Jasmine scamper across the ice and run with both back legs hopping like a jackrabbit to try and find some purchase was enough to keep us going for awhile. But Kevin's glasses were becoming uncomfortable on his face in the cold and i began to fear that the wind tears running down Raelin's cheeks would freeze in their tracks. She's a trooper in almost any weather, but she wasn't down for that. Except for my face, I felt fairly toasty so I decided to keep walking while Kevin and Raelin headed back up to the house.

Jasmine and I switched directions to go with the wind and we glided across the ice. I had an indescribable urge to have ice skates; to just cruise across the ice and live with and appreciate what cold creates, rather than curse it. We passed houses on the lakeshore that I hadn't seen before, since they aren't visible from the road and we haven't been out on the water much in the summer. Ahead I saw a man walking down from his house with a dog. Jasmine immediately tried to take off and looked a bit like a cartoon character running in place before going anywhere. He waved hello as he sat down on the bank and started to put on skates. We chatted, or rather, shouted, across the ice to each other. I suppose I could have gotten closer but I was attempting to keep Jasmine from fully harrasing him and his dog which was a completely unattainable goal.

He told me the ice was a good 5-6 inches thick and the skating was great. He'd been out earlier that day and was going out again to get a little exercise. (Exercise? what's that?) A few more pleasantries, and off he glided. I called Jasmine and made a half hearted attempt to get back the tennis ball she absconded from his retriever- yet another unattainable goal. it was a ratty ball. oh well. we headed back to our side of the lake.

I glanced back before stepping off the ice and watched my new acquaintence cross the center of the lake. His dog snarfed around closer to shore. Farther off toward the other side of the lake, an iceboat took advantage of the wind. Like a small go-cart with a sail, it tacks across the ice. I gotta get me one of those. Jasmine and I leave the lakeshore and head up the trail toward our little house, in the woods, on the lake, in the great state of Maine.


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So I see that it's not just my dog that has an affinity for ratty tennis balls.

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