Monday, August 08, 2005


Raelin has this thing where upon reuniting with me after i've been gone, she takes one look, stifles her initial smile and says, "Don't want to see Mommeeee......." sometime she turns and walks away. Other times she folds her arms across her chest and stares me down. Other times she just turns her back to me.

It's tough to stifle a smile, but i feel like i need to take her seriously despite the fact that within 10 seconds she's tearing across the room and into my arms with a sunshine-smile saying, "Mommy! want to see Mama!" and offers large and irresistible hugs.

Occasionally this happens without me actually leaving.

Today after her nap i was nursing her on the couch. Because we're on a slow road to weaning, i stopper her after just a few minutes. she sat up. "Don't want to see Mama." Small, chubby arms folded neatly in her lap and she turned her head away, just enough so i could see her profile. She scanned the room nochalantly, not unlike someone in an elevator with another person they are trying to avoid making eye contact with. She all but started whistling.

After an appropriate amount of time had past (say, 10 seconds) she faced me again, beaming. "Mama!" and fell against me.

I wonder, how does she know when it's time? Divine Toddler Intuition I guess... perhaps the same feeling that pulls her compulsively toward that one extra Cheerio under the car mat. In any case, if this keeps up, her boyfriends (or girlfriends) are in for it....


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