Monday, January 29, 2007

Me, Mine, Mo

Tonight i went to my first yoga class in ... oh, a few years. It was heavenly. The instructor was feeling a bit under the weather and so we spent the entire class doing floor poses. Loved it. It was perfect for me. I realized how much i missed paying attention to *me.* Since most of my focus in life now is attending to the needs of others and making sure they are staying healthy and safe, it was great to slow down and breathe and just notice how my body is. And paying attention to oneself in yoga is quite different than just taking some personal time to go sit in a cafe or something. I have missed that. (the yoga thing. the cafe thing too, but i do actually do that occasionally).

anyhoo, it was also my first time going out in the evening (albeit early) since Liam was born for longer than a run to the store. I rushed home knowing that he would be ready to nurse, and like a dog knows when it's owner is turning down the street after work before she is in sight, Liam was crying for me as i walked in the door. As i sat to nurse him on our (new!! new!! heavenly!!) couch, Raelin began to line up her babies beside us. It's a motley crew of little fairies, a rattling stuffed elephant, a much-worse-for-wear grayish (read: used to be white) lamby and little lamby, puppies, etc...Many have dozens of bandages affixed all over their plush little limbs from the awesome Dr. Raelin kit her grandparents (kevin's mom and dad) made for her for Christmas. Since Bill is a vet, the dr. kit contains many more exciting things than your standard toy-doctor kit offerings. There's a real plastic syringe (sans needle, of course) swabs, co-ban wrap, tape, bandages of various sizes and shapes, surgical caps, irrigation syringe (aka: surgery bottle) and one most interesting device which brings us to our title: me, mine, mo.

so, raelin has her babies lined up in a neat little row. about 8 of them, give or take. she begins at one end of the line and begins to point at each one, saying in turn, "me, mine, mo... me, mine, mo..." Up and back down the line she goes. "me, mine,, mine, mo..." After about the 3rd round i get it and begin to crack up.

It's her version of "Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo" of course. Except this is all she remembers and the "catch a tiger by the toe" bit and all the rest of it has been left out- until she is finally ready to wrap it up and gets to the last part:

"And you're the one who gets the catheter!" she exclaims happily to the lucky baby, and up it's plucked for the most exciting doctoring of all: the administering of the catheter!


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