Thursday, September 21, 2006

School Days, dear old golden Rule Days...

Well, we've made it through 2 weeks of school...3 days of crying, dramatic separations, and 3 days of tearless agreeable separations. not so bad. (our school weeks are only 3 days...) I'm not sure that "tackling hysterical preschooler" was in Miss Toki's job description, but she does well at holding on and keeping her grasp, even when being thrown the "limp noodle" manuever. Meanwhile, the parent (me) walks purposefully toward the parking lot, not looking back (thereby imparting some vision of confidence to wilting child) while other parents who have already done the drop and are gabbing the parking lot nod and beckon with empathy, as they see my horror stricken face as my child's wail fills what suddenly seems to be a silent campus. A few minutes of listening and hovering behind the nearest minivan and I realize that the crying has not only stopped, but my child has willingly (perhaps with still quivering lip) joined the rest of the class on the morning hike.

Four and a half blissful hours later, I return to school to pick Raelin up and she is still in one piece, bearing a brilliantly colored paper, and has more or less forgiven me for leaving her earlier. One morning I got the running hug, but only once. Otherwise, in true three-nager fashion, she often feigns happiness at my return and bypassing any greeting demands, "where's daddy?"

see what 9 months of pregnancy, 18 hours of labor and 3 years of intermitten sleep get you?

no, just kidding. She doesn't always instantly ask for daddy, but i've gotten used to her often aloof reunions. She certainly isn't into taling about her day, either, another classic three-nager behavior. Our drive home conversations go a bit like this:

"So, Raelin, did you have fun today?"
"No, Raelin didn't have any fun."
"Not at all?"
"Did you play?"
"Yes, but I didn't have any fun."
"Oh, so you stood against the wall by yourself then."
"I see... and did you eat lunch?"
"what did you eat?"
"Rice and apple and cheese."
"And was it good?"
"No, Raelin didn't like any of it..."
"Hmmmm... ok then..."
"I'm not going to have fun tomorrow, either."
"Good to hear that..."


Can't wait 'till she's really 13.
If I didn't know her as well as i do, i might be alarmed. I might have been more alarmed about her drama in the morning, but i knew she'd be fine, and, she is. I also know she' having a *great* time at school, despite her best efforts to disguise it, possibly in hopes that we won't send her, for whatever reason. Or, she's just hormonal and moody. Maybe just moody. Either way, I get the tidbits from the teacher and assistant who told me the other night at the parent meeting that Raelin asks her to tie a scarf around her like a Moby (one of the baby carriers several other moms and i have) and she tucks one of the stuffed babies in it and wears it around the classroom proclaiming it as her "Liam."

Awwwww... how sweet is that?

So she's fine. The school is great- warm, nurturing, nice small class (only 7 kids) and about as safe and comforting as you can get in a preschool.

And of course, we can't forget what mommmy gets: 5 hours, 3 days a week, of FREE TIME!! Liam is still young enough that i can consider it free time. And this week was awesome. Perfect Indian Summer weather. On Monday my friend and i hiked a local cliff trail, more or less uphill from the parking lot. With babies on backs, we huffed up and were rewarded wtih stunning views of lakes, ocean, islands, hills and the first brushings of fall foliage. It ain't the Sierra, but I'll take it! Getting out and being active has been my goal for myself in these early school weeks while the weather is still great and it's not full-on hunting season. I have a good friend who's in on it with me so hopefully we'll find ways to keep our bodies moving through the winter, cuz being 30 and not active- it sucks! sure, i lug around a 20+ pound baby all day so my arms are kickin' but that's about it, and me's startin' to feel a little worse for wear. Time to start yogi-ing around again.

and tomorrow we're off to the Common Ground Fair which is pretty much the bomb event of the year, in my opinion. I live for this fair. and it's almost midnight, so i need to catch some z's so i can truely enjoy it. Review will be forthcoming.

oh yeah...anyone wanna buy a house?


Blogger e said...

i'd love to buy your house. does that come with delivery?

3:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh! I am so glad to be able to post comments again.

The hiking sounds wonderful. I am so jealous of fall foliage . . . we have stunningly little of it in Texas.

I also love the "three-nager" drama. Good to know what I have to look forward to in a few years!

8:23 PM  

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