Friday, February 09, 2007

i figured i would blog a bit while i wait for this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy to download.

Yes, Hello, my name is Kelly, and i am a total GA addict. I confess to not only counting down the days between episodes, but reading the writer's blog.

Ok! fine! *and* i chat with others about the episodes on a thread on my mommy-boards.


But this is not what i came to blog.

I had a nice laugh-out-loud moment with (ok, at) Raelin today that i thought was worthy of sharing. And then before i went completely batty (unrelated to the laughing bit) i managed to get us all uber-bundled and out onto the frozen lake where i took some photos to share.

ok, the story.

so its not uncommon that i don't have a chance to shower until the afternoon. plus waiting allows me to use it as a moment of escape and i tend to need that more in the afternoon than in the morning. My bathroom is littered with various toys that Liam plays with (when he's not trying to climb into the shower) and Raelin usually frolics and plays out in the rest of the house. I've been allowing Raelin to be doing her own thing outside of the bathroom by herself (while i shower) since she was, well, clearly too young as evidenced by the various crayon graffitti around the house. But anyway, i always have an ear tuned to listen for her screaming or crying in case she hurt herself or something.

So today i'm showering and i do, in fact, hear her crying. A moment or so later she comes into the bathroom, full-on wail: "MOMMY! MOMMMMMEEEEE!" Lips curled down, chin square. Ok, major big-deal, i'm thinking. i'm scanning her for blood. i see none. Hmmm... i wonder if the laptop fell off the shelf? I had set her up to "write" (ie; type random letters in various colors) an email while i showered.

"what, honey? what happened?" Still bracing myself for something significant, she wails,
"Mommeeee.. i need your help! MY EMAIL WENT SMALL!"
"your what? your email went small?" ok, so now i am trying to hide behind our clear shower curtain because i am about to totally lose it.
"yes... my email went SMALL. MoMMMEEEEEEE!! You have to *help* me!!!!"

Ok, so apparently she mussed around on the track pad and minimized all the windows. i talk her through finding the little arrow and pointing it on her SMALL email and tapping it. She claims she can't. I encourage her that she can and since i am all wet, she must, because i clearly cannot. Off she goes.

I am still laughing. But, who can't relate? i mean, sure we all swear and bitch at our machines, but who has not felt that deep despair at seeing your window, your creation, suddenly *disappear*? or worse yet, the whole frigging thing corrupts and loses it all? I have had many a wringing hand moment over that, but of course, one cannot break into wails and whimpers in the college computer lab, or Starbuck. No, cursing, "fucking thing!" under one's breath is far more acceptable for such public affairs.

i'll let her discover that on her own. in the meantime, i think she's learning some track pad skills. don't tell her Waldorf teacher.....

ok, the ice. So as i began to descend into delerium this afternoon, unable to pretend another moment such riveting themes as "is Fozzy pooping?" and "is Kermits' cough keeping her up at night?" I rallied us all outside. This is our first real excursion since the temps have barely gotten above 18 degrees, not including windchill. It just isn't fun in that cold. I mean, i could do it if i was only responsible for myself, but with the kiddos- eh.

But i had borrowed a set of skis from a friend to try on our Chariot contraption and wanted to try them out before returning them (not unusual, to borrow something and really never have a chance to truly try it before sending it home). having watched various cars and trucks drive out onto the ice for over a week now, i figure it was safe enough. We wrapped and layered ourselves and here's our photos to document:

i'm still learning about posting photos on this lil' blog and kevmo is engaged in work and can't help me, so this will have to do. obviously the first photo is our chariot, with skis. then i tried to capture a picture of the ice and how thick it is- not sure if you can tell, but those cracks are cool. and then tweak your head to the side to get a glimpse of Liam's too cute mug, and finally, Raelin all bundled up in a couple of hats.


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