Friday, March 24, 2006

Very well then... I'll blog.
It's 2 minutes shy of 7:30 pm and bed is my next destination. Raelin has been snoozing for about 40 minutes or so and the animals... well, they pretty much sleep all day. What I want to know is:

What god do you need to appease to come back in the next life as a cat? Because... I'm all over that. I figure for as much sleeping and lounging as Reggie gets in this life, he must have been a single mom with 4 kids in the last one. You gotta earn this kind of lounge...

So, they say it's spring. I suppose this is true. We have tulip bulbs just skimming the surface of the soil and many of the trees have preemie baby buds starting the journey to leaf. But i have to admit, it's hard to get excited about these signs. Normally, I would be thrilled about days that break 40 degrees (ok, and i did rave about that in my previous post) but honestly, without a true winter, it's tough to stay excited about this weather for long, which has more or less *been* the weather, less 10 degrees or so, since March. Sure, we had our few cold spells... a bit of snow here or there... but otherwise? It's felt like March for 4 months. And that just sucks. Takes all the excitement out of spring which- while it cannot be compared to the luscious, warm springs of western climes- feels like heaven when you've just had 3 months of snow, ice, and temperature ranges from -0 to the 20's.

Ok, enough weather bitching. It'll be over soon. This we know. And how do we know this? Because i have a very large belly. There's a kid moving around inside who is going to need to move out. We're anticipating this move in about 7 weeks or so, when it's May. And May is very different than March. This is playing some tricks with my head and sense of how quickly this is going to be upon us. See... May is mostly green and temperate, and that feels very far away right now. So, by association, the baby is far away. But, by the looks of my localized growth and the twinges down yonder that i am already starting to feel... baby's gettin' ready to move. Hmmm... I suppose that's where April comes in.

Speaking of babies, impending births and whatnot... we saw our midwives this week and with some very well practiced hands palpating my belly they pronounced that our little kicker is probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 4.5-5lbs. already. Whoa! That's like bigger than a rotisserie chicken! Lucky for me, the rate of growth slows down now to about 1/2 lb. a week at most. So, we're looking at probably a 9 pounder or so. Yikes!

Here's a fun fact: if the baby continued to gain weight at the same rate it has been since conception, it would weigh 200 pounds at it's first birthday. Maybe that's the secret behind sumo wrestlers....

And to close, we have some new roomates. Suds have moved in. You know, like soap suds. Not unlike the chickens they wander around the yard, but come when called. Guess who calls them in? You got it... Raelin stands at the base of the front steps, clapping her hands and calling, "Suds! Suds! Suds- come! come!" They stall a bit. Then they come trooping in and scatter about the house until the next time they're called. Really, they're pretty easy to live with.


Blogger e said...

amen to that, sister! i've been trying to get that cat job for years. mika tells me that i need to feed her more in order to be reincarnated as a cat in my next life, but i think that's a ploy.

i love the suds. it's like the soot monsters in my neighbor totoro!

9:14 AM  
Blogger Bartlebee said...

i've always wanted to come back as a dog. they know how to play. and they have that same capacity for believing things as a two year old.

3:41 AM  
Blogger Bartlebee said...

i've always wanted to come back as a dog. they know how to play, and have that same ability to believe in magicwonder as a two year old. i remember watching kaya and thinking that she knew how to live.

3:43 AM  

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