Friday, March 09, 2007

it's been a long time since i've been around the ole' pottyparty neighborhood. in fact, i've been quite far away; we took ourselves a little trip out west and frolicked around the old neighborhoods of Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara and came home by way of Vail (which, i highly recommend) and now i am finally over my traveling hangover and finding my way back here.

it's occured to me that i lack regularity in my life- ok, *sometimes* in the potty-way, but mostly in the way of being consistent. i can't take a daily vitamin for more than 3 days consecutively to save my life. getting my hair cut takes somewhere on the order of 7 or 8 months. exercise used to be one of my more regular pursuits, and now its a luxary i covet desperately.
this lack of regularity, or consistency has never really been an issue until i had children and my life became complicated and different. when you only have to look out for yourself, its much, much easier to keep up with things. being busy makes people either hyper-consistent so they dont forget anything, or hyper-scatterbrained and unable to attend to much other than necessities. Seeing myself fall into the latter category, i have began awhile back to see what i was going to lose, principally- some relationships. so, i have set up with 2 of my best friends regular monthly phone calls on dates that are easy to remember.

it's fabulous.

i no longer have to put "try to call bartlebee" on my To Do list, and stewing about why she hasn't called me is no longer a layer of my stress. Same with my other friend.

I think this blog is going to become my next regularly scheduled program. and in short order, i will have 2 blogs, as i plan to start a new one focusing on our move up to Appleton which is officially going to happen, not just because we say so, but because someone is offering us real money for our house! yup- news just in, numbers headed our way on monday. pray for a spendthrift kind of offer....

someone once told me that Organization is Freedom. i agreed wholeheartedly at the time and would muse upon it every once in awhile and organize some corner of my life and then promptly fall back into bondage within a week. but, i'm ready to try once again to try and break free of the chains and add a bit more regularity and organization, bit by bit to my life. Course, it took me 24 hours to post this since Liam woke up mid-post last night and i am only just getting back to it, but a job finished is a job finished.


Blogger Bartlebee said...

what exciting news about your house! i hope the offer is wonderfully magnanimous or, barring that, something that you can work with!

taking care of myself vs. others is a constant struggle for me, too - and i don't have a good reason, like kids (note that i did not use the word "excuse").

looking forward to talking tomorrow.

6:35 PM  

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