Sunday, February 27, 2005

edited to add..*

kevin is a wonderful, supportive and fabulous father and husband. Despite the fact that he gets to go snowboarding, he also: (in no specific order) does the lion's share of the laundry, gets up early with Raelin so I can either sleep in or motivate to go to those laps, cleans up after dinner, does the fighting task of washing Raelin's hair, works like a dog so I can be a happy-go-lucky stay at home mom :) (no sarcasm intended, honestly. maybe not as much happy-go at this stage in the winter, but ususally this is the case), and in general is impossibly silly and keeps me and Raelin laughing. he does a lot of other things to, but those things are none of your business.

*this was a voluntary edit. i was not coerced ;)


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