Thursday, March 15, 2007

So i was just browsing through our local paper and noticed that one of the local school districts was discussing the addition of yoga to the physical education curriculum for 4th and 7th graders. A move- i might add- that has been done in schools throughout the country. Apparently, there was a heated discussion at this board meeting because some parents do not agree with teaching a practice (well, they did not use that term) that has Eastern origins.


Some quotes from the article:

"The yoga proposals...drew parents to the the Bus Barn... for a lenthy talk about the suitability (italics mine) of yoga in public schools."

" ' Several parents expressed concerns about the proposals... Their major concerns were that yoga is historically based in Eastern religions and they felt it was counter to their beliefs to have students doing yoga in the school."

(beliefs about no religion in schools? no eastern religions in school? no hippie-liberal-vegan-crazie things in schools? no activities that will actually benefit their children in schools?)

but apparently..

"In general, the parents and board members who were in attendance favored the idea of physical movement and relaxation for our students.'"

oh, well, ok then.


".. a motion was made to suport the yoga programs if the term 'yoga' were removed from the description, if parents were notified about the program, and if alternatives were available for students whose parents did not want them participating...."

I see. So, let me get this straight. As long as you don't use that funny non-English word to describe what they're doing, they can pose like a Cobra (on second thought, maybe we should call it a Garter Snake pose...then the kids will be able to relate), Pigeon, or Warrior (Sniper Pose, anyone?).

Maybe it will backfire, and yoga will become the new clandestine activity. Preteens will sneak out of their bedroom windows at night to meet at Haili's house, who's hippie dad will look the other way while they do Sun Salutations in the barn. Smug parents will believe their good red-white-and blue blood kids are getting buff from tossing the ball in spring Little League, when really, ol' Junior is able to hold Crocodile pose with his belly off the floor for longer than any other 4th and 7th grader at school. Namaste will be whispered after the morning flag salute, and asthmatics will breathe deeply for the first time in years.

Yeah, challenging yoga in schools, that could be a good thing.


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