Thursday, August 30, 2007


is anybody out there?

probably at some point any of my loyal readers were asking this question since i dropped off the blogosphere sometime in oh, may was it? pre-move? yeah, that would be it.

the move sent us for a loop, my cyber time dwindled. I paid about $50 to Netflix for _Inconvenient Truth_ as is gathered dust, never peeking my interest or winning viewing time. I never did watch it.

Anyhoo, with a physical move, a new blog seems in order, so friends, do move with me to:

This newer! better! faster! easier! blog will focus mainly on happenings up on the Ridge, our efforts to grow food, keep animals (and eat some of them), create art, run wild with the kids, and in all other ways revel in the country. I'm planning to post lots of photos to record and share the developments on the land and of course, there will always be amusing stories about Raelin and Liam to keep you howling.

so, come on over....


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