Wednesday, September 28, 2005

new nutkin

in the past 5 weeks i have: travelled over 6,000 miles, watched 2 of my best friends get married in unique and beautiful weddings, learned how to give a lap dance, taken part in about the best all-girl conversation on the planet, and made a new baby.

how's that for an agenda?

yes, as most of you know, we are expecting a new nutkin sometime in May or whenever it deems appropriate to brave the great canal. Raelin can affirm that right now it is very tiny and it will come out of mommy's yoni. upon seeing a cartoon drawing of a cesearean section, she emphatically stated that she does not want them to cut open mommy's tummy to get the baby. Amen to that! see, she's a natural birth advocate already.

maine is positively lovely right now, gentle Fall playing you like a violin until winter crashes the party. but that's ok, i'm feeling pretty done with summer. eating like i'm done with summer too... it's all about the bread and carbs for this incubator as i ward off the feelings of deep hunger and car-sickness queasiness that simultaneously envelope me throughout the day. i don't think i've ever eaten this unbalanced in my life... all hail my midwife who gave me the big green light on comfort foods.